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Waiting for registration e-mail
« on: February 09, 2008, 10:35:23 am »
Sometimes we get e-mails from our customers because they didn't receive the registration e-mail within 48hrs.

Everytime the problem is the SPAM settings of the users mailbox!

So here is again the information what you have to do to get our e-mails:

If you do not receive an email from bksoft within 48hrs, there may be a problem with your e-mail address. E.g. you spelled it wrong or your mailbox is over quota.

Another reason can be that some mailservers move unknown e-mails to a seperate SPAM folder so please look also to that folder. Maybe you need to allow to send you e-mail messages.

Right now we know this e-mail services are blocking our mails: , ,

So if you use one of that services you have to go to your mailbox settings and enable to send you mails, or let us know a other email address...

99,9% of all e-mail problems arise from wrongly configured mail accounts (SPAM blockers)! Again, be sure to look to your mailbox SPAM folder and add to your white list!!!

You can test receiving our mails by using our EMail form. The EMail form sends automatically and immediately a copy to the sender address. If you get no copy of your mail your SPAM Filter blocks that mail!!! Go to your mailbox SPAM settings and add to your white list, then try again our mail form.

After testing receiving mails using our EMail form please send again an e-mail thru the EMail form and let us know you can receive our mails so we can forward the orginal mail with the registration information again to you.
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